Top 10 Millionaire MatchMaker & Rich Men Dating Sites Reviews 2016

Online millionaire matchmaker websites maybe are the best way to look for wealthy singles or meet millionaires such as CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models and Hollywood celebrities etc. to connect with, date, and marry. Our top 10 millionaire dating sites list below summarizes what we consider to be the best wealthy singles dating websites, while our buying guide gives you useful dating advice on what to look for, and what to avoid, when making your choice.

Millionaire MatchMaker Site

#1 Millionaire Match Millionaire Match is our top choice from the top 10 online millionaire matchmaker & dating sites that we have reviewed. With over 2,103,385 attractive singles' profiles registered on the site, it has to be world's best and largest online millionaire match site for millionaires, admirers and friends. It is voted "Best of the Web" by and MillionaireMatch highlights the 'millionaires' in its listings" by Wall Street Journal. The website accounts for prestigious people as their clientele and has been making amazing matches since the last13 years. There are many doctors, CEOs, lawyers, models, Hollywood celebrities that can be found on the website. With a huge base of dedicated members, catch all the action at the platform that essentially provides provisions to make the experience incredibly enjoyable. The quality service has developed an amazing space where interested singles can meet prospective one. Full Millionaire Match Review

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#2 Seeking Millionaire

Seeking Millionaire is a millionaire dating site for rich, wealthy and beautiful singles. Always FREE for sexy girls. If wealthy dating is your requirement, then look no further than In fact, the website itself reflects the importance of such dating provision right from the home page itself. Well, we found that there are loads of attractive women that are actually tired of indulging with the 'ordinary men' and certainly seek for a spectacular companion. They can be stated to date the wealthy and successful singles when at the website. The concept has been quite celebrated at the as they indicate the importance of pursuing the classy, gorgeous ladies. Theirs is an attractive looking website that is simply contemporary and not quite glamorous. So, why did we place in the #2 spot? Full Seeking Millionaire Review

#3 Millionaire Mate

Millionaire Mate is a wealthy community where successful singles and beauty come together for online dating experience. Casual dating, relationships and discreet encounters are just some of the things you will find in the best upscale personals is a relatively new site in the business, however has already been much in the hype as a promising wealthy dating site. There are so many alluring features that it is certainly quite surprising to explore the in-depth facilities that the website has in store for all the visitors. In fact, we checked out the user reviews and they were fab! The number of users that were hooked to the site is huge and not only that there's so much provision that for such relatively new entrant in the industry, this can be really quite an achievement. The site opens up an attractive avenue for singles to indulge into an exciting dating scenario and discover all that lays ahead in the journey. Of course, starting with the endeavor online certainly comes with all its perks and drawbacks; has been able to delight us with many benefits that you can hardly imagine. Full Millionaire Mate Review

#4 Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie is a high quality dating site for successful men who have financial security and confidence and attractive single women.It is not a pure and serious millionaire matchmaker website because it also carters to beneficial relationship for sugar daddie and sugar baby. The popular has been in the dating scenario since 2002. It was among those that actually pioneered the idea of bringing together wealthy rich singles. The concept was to get the super-rich handsome sugar daddies to meet with the gorgeous ladies. Well, we looked into the dating website and had a feeling that it appreciates the union of men and women who really have things to share with each other. He can shower her with all the riches and luxuries that really captivate her and make the lady feel important. While he can actually get all the love and attention that she has to provide not just in return but otherwise as well. These are the amazing women that realize it is great to build companionships that eventually last long. Full Sugar Daddie Review

#5 Wealthy Men

Wealthy Men helps you find and meet wealthy men and beautiful women online. Discover rich, succesful singles for love and dating. Are you looking for a higher online dating experience? If you've always been interested in the provisions that you keep hearing from everywhere, then WealthyMen will certainly meet your expectations. Falls in the #5 spot in our Top 10 millionaire dating websites list, the site is definitely here to capture your interests like none other. Our review is complete unbiased, based on our personal experience at the website. We did it all to ensure that our readers get to attain first-hand information about the benefits and flaws of the dating site. Online dating has a huge industry already as it is the best avenue to indulge into fun without actually becoming too much engrossed if you do not want to. What if you find the prospective member that is similar to your expectations, then there's so much that you can do to ensure that you could be with your special one this weekend. Full Wealthy Men Review

#6 Date A Millionaire

Date A Millionaire is for men and women looking to date singles millionaires. This site features only real single men and women who are interested in dating, meeting as friends. When it comes to online dating, has the hugest database of web-based dating. They have been in the industry for years with a superior approach that has captivated people across the globe. In fact, if you're looking for local dating, then the services are quite the best that you can avail. The first thing that we actually noticed when arriving at the website is that there's an old-world charm associated with the platform. The navigation is a little tedious and we really found it a problem to browse through the website. Having to conduct the research for the first time seemed little tough as it took time to figure out things on the site. It is crucial for the clients to get familiar with the platform prior to exploring more dating options. Full Date A Millionaire Review

#7 Millionaire Dates

Millionaire Dates is the wealthy dating site that makes elegant and beautiful women meet wealthy men. These are the successful males that have already made their millions and desire to share them with someone that will be companion to them. However, a look at the website opens up an insight into the various attributes of the dating. It ensures that you can choose your kind of relationship that you essentially desire to look for when at the website. The idea is thus clear to the browsers and other members that these are the people that have just created their profiles for a specific requirement. The concept has been alluring many since a long time and now gets the benefits right away. Full Millionaire Dates Review

#8 Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement the term itself offers a view of what to seek from the website. There is a sense of arrangement or setting that the site intends to provide. This is a rising website that is a prominent occupant in the line of superior wealthy dating. The home page itself is about advertising the platform with lots of attention grabbing concepts that is meant to make you try the site for "free". Well, here too that is not the case, there's the free membership that needs to be upgraded for better usage. Most of the sites offer free membership with the basic platter, so we wonder why the heck they're making it such a huge promotional deal. Moving on, there is also a statement of "mutually beneficial relationships" indicated at the home page. Full Seeking Arrangement Review

#9 Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet is a website that simply looks like many other sugar daddy dating sites around, but it is really a lot functional than you can imagine. The design isn't quite unique but it is definitely the performance that it renders, which really makes the difference. It is the simplistic feature that makes really quite navigable when on the site. You get to avail some of the amazing benefits even though the pages may not be so dressy. Not that you really need so much of decor and stuffs to find a sugar daddy; that the website can give you in plenty. So, register your profile on the website to proceed to searching for the most suitable profiles. Go browsing the extensive member database that you can avail in the advanced searches. Full Sugar Daddy Meet Review

#10 Millionaires' Club

Millionaires' Club is the exclusive matchmaking service where successful people come to find their match. Read below to see what makes Millionaire's Club the premiere matchmaking service. This is definitely an exquisite club that offers an acceptance policy for members. If chosen to the prestigious community, then the benefits are quite rewarding. With the galore of dating sites in the line, Millionaires' Club believes that exclusive super-rich successful men need to have a private destination to head to that offers the kind of benefits they're looking for. Founder of the website is popularly known for managing the oldest known dating service in the United States. The website screens and filters all the profiles of the sugar babies prior to getting access to the elusive club. Millionaire men on the site are offered expert assistance to attain perfection. The website ascertains that for super suave men to have their sophisticated ladies, they too must prove themselves worthy of their attention. Full Millionaires' Club 123 Review