Being a millionaire means being able to afford the best things in life, relate with other successful people and live in luxury. With millionaire clubs, having fun took a different dimension from the usual vacations to providing something special and worthwhile. The following is a list of Top Millionaire Clubs in famous Cities of USA.

Top Millionaire Clubs in the USA

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The CORE. Located in Manhattan, NYC, the core has become the stopping point for world millionaires and billionaires since its establishment in 2006. They have taken it as their second home, office, gym, theater, and gallery. It is designed to provide an exciting time for its member while allowing them to relax and explore nature and art.

The Millionaire Underdog Club

It’s a global millionaire club and the headquarter is located in Stockholm. It was founded with the aim of connecting big business owners, investors, wealthy people with people of like minds. They provide an avenue to build businesses and meet with industry players. What’s more, they have a health component in the club which caters for the health of members.

Exclusive Resorts

This club is located in Denver,Colorado and has over 4000 members. It was founded as a private membership club in 2002 and has a collection of real estate running at over $750 million. They also take pride in being the world’s foremost luxury club and offer their members various extravagant vacations and resorts. They have a membership running to about $30,000 annually.

The Yellowstone Club.

Also known as Yellowstone ski resort is a private residential club located in Montana, USA. The club has a golf course, cross-country skiing, ice skating and many indoor sports. Their annual membership plan that costs around $2 million allows members unlimited access to ten private properties around the world including a golf course in Scotland, two yachts, and two Gulfstream jets.

Solstice Homes.

Located in California, this club is the stopping point for many rich men around the USA. It offers the choice of vacationing in a location with magnificent nature view, outstanding pleasure, amazing wines an atmosphere of privacy. They also offer members and opportunity to choose travel destinations such as Italy, France or the UK.

Emperor’s Club.

With annual membership pricing starting at around $575,000, this Colorado-based club offers members the opportunity of leading a secluded and luxurious life. A perfect club for people enjoys cruises with private jets and islands.


This is an awesome destination club which offers members exclusive access to homes, private residences and hotels around the world. The goal is to make members feel at home wherever they are. With unrestricted access to cars, ships, private jets, members get to enjoy up to 12 luxurious destinations including Paris, St. Thomas and Jackson Hole. Also, a Quintess plan gives members the opportunity to add up to four members of their immediate family. The annual membership fee starts from $345,000.

The Markers Golfers’ Residence Club.

Established in April 2005, this club is an exciting destination for millionaires with a love for luxury combined with homeliness. Members have access to their various luxurious private residences located in places such as St. Andrew’s, Scotland and Kauai, Hawaii.

Take time to examine the top millionaire clubs and find out which best suits your needs.

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